Creating a full AI enemy fight game scene over a flying dragon Colossus with 360° flips

This is the idea: realize via blueprint a combat game scene on a fast moving mesh such the roof of a train, or on the wings of a plane or over a animated Skeletal mesh such the wings of a flying Dragon that can even roll 360°, where 1 or more enemies follow the player and start fighting.

Imagine the Shadow of the Colossus scene where an enemy warrior follows the player running over a flying Colossus and enemy&player start fighting one another while the colossus is rolling around with full 360° flips. I have never seen a game fight between 2 characters over a fast moving skelmesh. Would like to know if some game or someone has ever realized it or not.

**I’m working on it at the moment and I split the scene in 3 main issues to do: **
step1: keep walking characters attached to a 360° roll flying animated mesh ----> I’ve done this and it works.
**step2: generate a NavMeshBoundsVolume on a moving mesh or on animated skelmesh (dragon wings) flying around a landscape----> I’m working on this actually and I’m testing a workaround I realized for an enemy and a player fighting over a fast moving cube. I’m just moving the fight scene cube horizontally, once completed I’ll work on rotating the cube+the **characters fightingover it, to create rolls and pitch.
step3: test step 1 & 2 subst the cube scene with an animated flying skelmesh with 360° flips and see if the characters are stable on the wings while fighting—> not yet started.

It sounds pretty interesting, would love to see your progress :slight_smile:

Thanks. Would like to know if there is already a game out there with such a scene…that would help me a lot.
For example, when I worked on the blueprint of the Shadow of The Colossus climbing scene I did (video1 and video2) I studied in details the real game scenes and that was so helpfully!