Creating a floating "editor"

Hi, i am creating a virtual showroom for a university project and i would like to add a “floating menu” near the dresses, to edit them.
I already have all the dresses and i learned how to change the material of them, but i cant find on internet any info or something that can lead me to achieve the type of “floating menu” like the following photo.


Does anyone even know how a menu like this is called?

Many thanks to all of you :slight_smile:

It’s a widget:

Thanks for the answer, but i already have a normal menu. The type of menu i am interested in is one that like float near the dress, not a static one. When the view moves, the menu need to moves too.
Sorry for bad english :slight_smile:

YES, THANK YOU. Exactly what i needed.
May i ask you how the “arm” attached to the menu that i got in the image i posted is called? (If it has a name).
Thanks again :slight_smile:

Then it sounds like you need a widget component:

which is 'in the world'

For the ‘arm’, it’s probably best to use a beam particle system:

If you want just a basic line, this might be enough:

Image from Gyazo

Create a couple of helper widgets (here, borders) - these will serve as anchors. You can then draw a line between them:

I made the anchors semi-transparent to better visualise the line. The A is set to draw to the middle of the anchor.

You can either hide the anchor elements or use them to display desired images.

Many thanks!