Creating a Flat shotgun Spread

Trying to create a flat spread for a shotgun in a twin stick shooter. Since there is no aiming Up/Down It needs to be at least largely a Fan

I attempted to use the Random Unit Vector Cone. And i just kept getting the projectiles to fire on the outside extremes. (I had to feed the world location into it, break it and feed it into a make Rotation node…then into a make transformation node

I would be willing to just do a Rotator+Rotator but there doesnt seem to be a way to do that.
Can any one give me a hint?

I think you have the right setup in mind.

To do Rotator+Rotator you can just “break” your rotator and manually add the values you want to increment.…-in-scope.htm

So something like:
Get actor rotation>break rotation>add a random +/- value between change I want to create a “cone”>make transform>connect it into actor spawn.

Loop the spawn for each shotgun pellet.