Creating a First / Third Person Shooter with Blueprints

Kicking off a new series! The Top Down Shooter series continues in the old thread.

I appreciate the community going out and making great tutorial videos and threads. I’m watching right now! I’m sure it will help others as the series goes on.
Thanks for sharing this.

Watched. Can’t wait for next one. Many thanks. Slinky

All Mindless Pursuits tutorials are on a hiatus (break) this week due to my having to to stay late at the school every day this week (I teach K-8th grade technology). Tutorials for this series will resume next week on Wednesday! I apologize for the disruption.

Woo hoo! Thanks Darkholder. This will go good with my super top secret game Im developing lol

The videos for this week (both Monday and Wednesdays) will be posted on Saturday back-to-back. My PC had become corrupted and needed a full software reinstall. I didn’t have time to start doing it until Tuesday night, but then suffered the loss of a close friend (the second in a month) and was not up to working on it. I will be finishing the rebuild Saturday AM and then I can start encoding the uploads.

My apologies for the added delay.

A big update on the plan for between now and January!

I’m not dead! Believe it or not, there’s a new piece of the tutorial series! :smiley:

Catching up the thread!

Now the 1st/3rd Person Shooter folks get their turn to find out what to expect for the rest of the series!

[FONT=Open Sans]Discover Aim Offsets & more in this ep of Creating a 1st/3rd Person Shooter using Blueprints!