Creating a Ferris Wheel

Hi, first time poster here. I’m working on a small carnival level for a university project. I’m having difficulty getting a Ferris wheel working. I have different cars and a large wheel. I’m wanting to maybe attach the cars to the wheel using hinge joints so that they would move similar to a real Ferris wheel when the wheel moves. I have no idea how to actually do this though. Any pointers would be appreciated.

You didnt specify if you needed a C++ answer or a blueprint answer but here it is as a blueprint and you can use it as an example…

for the main wheel you would create a Main Wheel blueprint with a cylinder on its side (or a wheel model) and rotate the wheel on the specific axis using the event tick to update in a fashion similar to this(needs axis tweaking to match your need)

for the individual cars you could do a couple things,

if you want just a generic get the job done spin then you would create an attach point on the main wheel for each car, create a car blueprint and then lock the car to that point using the event tick, (the CarMountPoint should be cast from your Main Wheel)BP

and then make to make the car rotate accordingly you can set its forward vector to maintain its forward facing direction using the event tick as well(ill let you google that)

the other way would be a mix of the above and physics so that the car actually has a swing to it(think like a weighted half cylinder on a default rotation point) …that in itself can be done a bunch of different ways with probably much more time involved and someone else would have a better answer than me

Thanks a ton! I’ll give this method a try! And yeah, sorry I didn’t specify. I’m using Blueprints.

@cherrin That first blueprint setup you posted is saving me a lot of headache, but can you tell me what that node in the middle is called, with the + and Add Pin?