Creating a dynamic content and background loading

Hello, I’m quite new to Unreal. So, here I’m checking a possibility of my idea.

Basically, my project is html5-based and it needs to load several product model and several background dynamically.

Let’s say,

Once a user accessed, he or she can select a product from a product list. Then the product is loaded.

Then, the user also can select a background.

The key point is that those assets such as products and background shouldn’t be packaged as the local file. Which means they should be loaded from a remote server separately. (or the same host server)

Is it possible?

If it’s only “few models” and background, better try something like threeJS: three.js examples it will be lighter solution and you will have more controll over it.

Which code editor do you prefer
Atom Editor or Sublime Text 3
If you can offer an alternative to these two editors, I will be glad to hear

If it’s question for me, @pavellab91 in my company we usally use Sublime or WebStorm mainly because of performance speed and plugins but also because Atom comes with built-in keyboard strokes which colide with some accents in my native language and changing this costs time.