Creating a dummy Graph Editor

Hello people.
I’m looking for a simple way to setup a custom made Editor “look alike”, without any code or logic behind it.
It’s only meant to be used as a draft for designing a plugin’s interface, in a blueprint style environment.
I’d want to be able to place dummy nodes in my dummy graph grid, name them as I like,
add pins with colors and labels, numeric boxes (float), check boxes (bool),
and maybe even, I dare dream, wires to connect all that beauty together.
Well… a designated details panel on the side could be nice (-;
This Editor doesn’t need to actually DO anything, or make any sense at this point,
just a sketch for examining ideas in a realistic layout.
I’ve found this post in the C++ section, but it’s all about Slate and Editors API,
and that’s way over my head. I want to visually share ideas with programmers,
and let them do the coding…
Any thoughts and ideas appreciated, thanx.

Well sadly there no way around it , you need to use Slate and Editor APIs to make functioning graph editor.

Other then that if oyu want to just place dummy nodes that do nothing there 2 out of the box options that does require less work:

You can create cutorm K2Node (node for blueprint) that does nothing, but i didn’t touck K2Nodes so you need to check it yourself, look up on K2Node:

As i said i anwser to quastion you linked, nodes are only descriptive object, like a text in source code, they have different layer else where which actually add functionality in it, nodes themselves don’t land in to packaged game, only there product do.

A lot cheaper way… is just make dummy macros and functions in blueprint that does not do anything, 0 C++ required :slight_smile: you can use blueprint function or macro library just so you wont have target pin, make inputs and outputs whatever you like, make pure function if you want node without exec pins. Use in types to set color of pins

Thanks a lot for the quick response! will go check out both options.