Creating a Dialouge with a NPC Chat

Hello all, I am brand new to game engine game development as a whole, let alone Unreal Engine 4, however I have modeled my room and added a NPC with an animation I like. However now I would like assistance in making a npc chat box.

I have the trigger setup for when I press space in the trigger box it prints out “working” in the top right I would now like to have a dialogue box preferably a PNG that I can make in photoshop with a transparent background.

Is this possible and is there any advice any of you can give me?

(Also I’ll probably have a million more questions with this game I’m making, if any of you experienced users could give me a skype to contact you at it would be amazing!)


Currently I am working on a dialogue system myself. Take a look here: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3.

I saw this and it looks great but I don’t know how to make my dialogue box pop up

I have my Box trigger setup

I have to so that when I press “space” is says that I have

And I have my dialouge box that I want to popup when I press space with visibility set to hidden

Here is my graph location for the dialogue box:

And here is my level blueprint

How do I make the gate set my dialogue boxes visibility to “show”?

I changed to making an inventory system currently as I am in a team now and didn’t have the time to finish it, so when you’re done, mind sharing with me your pics(if you want of course).
I am a starter in blueprints too, but as I see it: If you want your dialogue boxes to show, you must create a widget node (with a wire from exit gate) like shown in the 5th picture of the Link1 I think and attach it to your player controller. I don’t think is hard if you look carefully on the nodes of the Link1. Do that and let me know if it worked

Hi BMassed,

I have an NPC dialogue system tutorial on the wiki, perhaps something in there will be helpful for what you are trying to accomplish, take a look!