Creating a Credits Screen for Endgame

I am creating a short gamer and I would like to add a credits screen to the 2DPlatformer template. What is the easiest way to create a message at the end of the game that tells the user who the game is made by?

Create a UMG widget with the design you want and when the game ends just spawn and add it to the viewport.

What I do is create a UMG widget like Havoc said, and then add a vertical box with text inside. Add an animation of them moving, and boom! :smiley:

Here’s a more fancy way of doing it. (Warning this is for more advanced users)
Create the widget, then create two other widgets: “CreditName” and “CreditInfo”.
The two new widgets hold a textbox with a function called “init”, which allows you to change the text by grabbing a public variable.

So in your main widget, add a vertical box, and add a “CreditName” and “CreditInfo” widget in there, for every name and job they did. For each miniwidget, set the public variable you made earlier as the job or name or whatever.

Josh Steinhauer

And then make an animation that moves it from the bottom from the top.
On the begin play event, play the animation, and then get the duration of the animation and delay for that length. After that, remove itself.

Good luck!!

I have to do the animation of each miniwiget separately