Creating A Crafting Table

Im making a crafting table, so when i craft my items they spawn in one of the six sockets ive designated, It worked with just one socket transform. Does anyone know why this isnt working as it should.


Very confusing but i think im close. I was checking if the sockets have anything in, and if they dont i want the item to spawn, but if there is i want it to continue to the next socket to check. And by the last one if its full i want it to goto the end so nothing can spawn.
If theres a better way of doing it please let me know.

The problem is more than likely that its saying the Socket exists and so there is an item in the array all the time it checks. My question then is how would i make an array that populates itself when an item has been socketed.

Strange im answering my own questions.

If i make it socket in the first socket then after create a boolean variable to say its slotted, then in the branch add the boolean, if true the socket cant be used, if false the component can be spawned.

If anyones wondering, it now works using booleans and branches. Only thing now is you need to set the variables back to false when the items have been taken off the crafting table.