Creating a corporate account allowed?

bump. This is the last issue I need to resolve before our company can begin development… Thanks!

At this time, we don’t have Epic accounts for companies rather than individuals. For Unreal Engine, individuals accept the EULA, but under the terms of the EULA, the company is the licensee if there is a company, and the individual employee is a User under that company/licensee.

If a User (company employee) purchases an asset on behalf of the company, the asset can be shared among employees of that company and used on multiple projects. This doesn’t need to be formalized - you are just responsible that it’s only shared among employees (or, to a more limited extent, contractors per the terms of Section 1(A)(c)).

As for Paid Plug-Ins, you are responsible for ensuring that each User has separately purchased the plug-in; there is no formal process.

Building on this post:

I would like to check if we are allowed to created an account to represent our corporation (rather than an individual) such that Marketplace purchases (other than plug-ins) can all be made on a single account? I’m hesitant to associate it with a single employee as development roles change, people leave, etc.

Second, if all purchases can be made on a single account, Section 1Ad of the EULA seems to allow for distribution of Paid Plug-ins to Paid Plug-in Users. How do we designate Paid Plug-in Users?