Creating a core mod and a sub mod

Hey I wanted to ask if its possible to create a core mod that provides a resource that is used in more than one submod.

For example the core mod sets up the resources “Blue” and there are 2 submods “mixing purple” and “mixing green”

Mixing purple provides “Red” “purple” (which is made from red and blue"
Mixing green provides “yellow” “green” (which is made from yellow and blue"

If someone only wants purple or green he only downloads the core and the submod he wants
If someone wants both they can download both colors without it creating 2 instances of blue

I hope this makes sense.

In theory, it should be. It’s a little bit of a clusterf*** to deal with though I believe, and I don’t know of anybody having done it either successfully or even attempting to try.

I vaguely recall there being a thread or post about this somewhere here on the forums, have a search and see if you can find it.

If it is possible, I don’t really know if there’s much you can do with it. I think I’ve only seen references being worked with, and that involves using dummy BP’s.