Creating a collider for my maze

I have a modeled maze from Blender, but when it is imported and put into the scene it has a single box collider around the entire thing, making the inside inaccessible. So, now there is an invisible wall around the opening. I have tried a few methods that I’ve seen online such as adding another object in Blender and renaming UCX, that sort of thing. Those didn’t work for me. This is an early roadblock for me and my game, and some help or hints would be awesome.


Dont export the entire level, export just one “section”.

For each section in a traditional maze, you should have:

Straight section
T section
X section
L section

Each of these sections should be the same sizes (easier to assemble) with the pivot points set to a sane position to allow rapid iteration design of the maze. Then, all you need to do is bring those sections into UE4, double click, remove the pre-made collision, and do your own collision boxes for the walls, floor, ceiling.