Creating a city

Hi all,
I’m trying to create a city like Gta V, where the player can walk on the streets.
I tried procedural building but the result was very bad: buildings were too similar;
I tried to import osm data but I couldn’t do that because the plugin didn’t work.
I’d like to know a way to have a city like Gta V…any advice?
Thanks for all.

Check this out: Unreal Studio Brings CityEngine Neighborhood to Life - Unreal Engine

You don’t have enough experience to attempt something like that. Do a small project

Hi all
Thanks for answering. I’ll take a look on City Engine but I have a pair of questions: can I walk on the streets with City engine’s city imported in UE4 and will It give me good quality buildings at low distance?

You know GTA V took hundreds of people and many years and millions of dollars to make do you? Maybe not the best goal for you if you plan to do something like that on your own.

Gta 5 took many millions of dollars as a lot of programmers, the audio people, etc had to work for it and they work to get payed.

You can check the buldings pack ( it isn’t free)

In this forum you ll, not find anything, are TOXIC. people just offer what you ll pay for that… no one help and UE dont help too… (like that stupids tutorials from Quixel, only to advancer users…and to promote that company)…Try Blender. Have some tutorials on youtube and FREE…

wiht all the freebies they gave out its actualy easy you can even add car riding as a pack came that does that too
i did a abydos project where i started making a actual city it inspired me now to do somethng original via all those freebies

I use Infraworks from Autodesk for city infrastructure. It’s not free but it worth if you want make large map for your project. But for me I prefer build my own city with 3ds Max and Blender because it have rooms inside and you can’t enter to the building via doors and move around with ‘City map generator’ something like that so I working at my game really slowly.

ok I will do that