Creating a character

Im am new to unreal engine, but how can I put a character from like a show or something into the engine. Can I import it somehow or do I need to create it? For example what if I wanted to put a pokemon into the game?

Thanks in advance!

It seems you first need to learn basics of 3D before venturing into something like that.
But to somewhat answer your question - you can find many free Pokemon models on the internet (I doubt they have a rig or animations, so you’ll have to do that by yourself).

Just beware not to try earn money with it. Nintendo and Pokemon Company is really strict with this.

Yep, you need to learn a 3d program like 3ds , maya or blender -> ?v=DiIoWrOlIRw :slight_smile:
From those sites you can download some free meshes -> www.blendswap

Thank you everyone, I will try that!