Creating a card game

I am new to creating video games but I have a basic knowledge of coding and I want to try some basic things. I want to be able to make a card game with basic function and mostly menu based things, what engine is right for this and what tips does anybody have?

Take a look at UMG (https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/UMG/) and the card game from the learn tab :slight_smile:
With the UE4 you are able to create every type of game that you want

Thank you both for the suggestions! I will take a look at what you suggested.

Where is the Card Game

I looked under the Learn tab and didn’t find the card game. Where under the learn tab is the game?

Here you can find it:

Hi, I’m also creating a simple card/board game, and I’ve managed to grab both of those example projects.
But the thing is, I’m trying to steer clear from Blueprints as much as possible, and both of those projects don’t appear to utilize any project-specific code.
Are there any other example projects or sample code floating around which demonstrates the proper setup & flow for a card game?

hey any chance i can get that free book on trading card games or a quick example of atleast 2 diffrent cards/players with attack and end and switch turn please? will give you credits if i do anything with it

it’s no longer there how would I make one now

@teche22 You mean tutorials? Try to search on youtube at official channel or simply use template from marketplace.

its not there anymore :frowning:

I have designed a Superherocard game called, Extraordinary! and would like to learn how to use UR to make a digital version of the game.

Any leads on how to do so for a fairly complex game would be appreciated! Thank you.

@RogerACottonJr Worth a look?