Creating a build on jenkins deletes UE4Editor files and other

I am creating an automation build for UE4 using Jenkins. It was working fine with UE4 4.19, but since I moved to 4.20 - it is giving problems like : ERROR: BUILD FAILED C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.20\Engine\Binaries\Win64\Android\UE4Editor.modules was in manifest but was not produced.

I checked into the Engine folders and compare it with for 4.19 , i noticed that there are very less files in 4.20 compared to 4.19. I did re-install 4.20 multiple times and verified it. It doesn’t have UE4Editor.exe file as well in its engine folder( though it comes back on verify, but gets deleted on making the build).

Can anybody help ?
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I have the same problem, you found a solution so far or still having this issue?

My workaround is to uninstall Android support from the engine… but this is only a temporary solution as I need the support soon

Yeah! So, I got it working!
You need to change the build commands Jenkins. You can find the commands in the output log when you build a package!

Hello !
Could you, please, provide a more detailed description of your fix?
Thank you,

Please could you provide the exact command you changed to?