Creating a BP function that takes events as parameters crashes the editor

Exact steps to reproduce:

  1. in [blueprint A] Create event dispatcher.
  2. Create “bind event to delegate node”,
  3. bind it to some event.
  4. now select the "bind event to… " node, rightclick it and “collapse to function”

…we now have a function that delegates as parameter… wich would be so ■■■■ cool and useful go into [blueprint B] where you have a reference to BP A

6.try to drag of the getter of the instance - boom crash. (looks like we shouldnt have BP functions as parameters)

btw if this is a valid bug, if you fix it fix it so that we can give functions/events as parameters this would be huge!


Thank you for your report. It appears this issue is no longer reproducible as of 4.15.

Here is the link to the ticket so you can have a look at it:

Have a great day