Creating a Blueprint of common elements in the scenario

In my project I have several maps, and they all have some common objects.
So I do not get creating and configuring on each map, each of these components. And changing the behavior of one of them on a map, would change at all.
I was wanting to create a Blueprint (like prefab Unity) already gather some elements in common, such as:

  • Atmospheric Fog
  • BP_Sky_Sphere
  • GlobalPostProcessVolume
  • Light Source
  • SphereReflectionCapture10

I created one called Blueprint (SceneObjects) derived from Actor.
But I can not drag the above elements, as components of the blueprint (SceneObjects).
I tried to add these components via (Add Component) in the blueprint window, but some of these components do not exist there.

Is there any way I can create a blueprint, which already brings together all of these components?
Thank you.