Creating a Blueprint and maybe a rigged 3D Model


im searching for someone who could either do it for me, or help me doing it, in a tutoring like thing.

I want to bring this vehicle alive:

For now its just a simple model to let u know in what way i would love to get it.

So the Orange Part is the Wheel/tires
the Red one would be the spinner/hubcap, duno whats correct in englisch
the Blue would be the cockpit room and the Lightblue some kind of addon to the cockpit, holding ammo or something like that
and the Green part is the MG
Its mirrored so it is the same on both sides.

so this is how it should work, red and orange are working like said as the wheel, rotating forward and backwards, both should also rotate to the rad axis ( X ?) in like 10° to the left oder right side, depending on the direction.

The blue should have a fixed position, so no real rotation

The light blue will be attached to the blue one, but rotating with the mg, when it comes to the green, it should be able to rotate in 360° on the Y axis and 180° on Z axis.

Thats all for now, i have more thing i would need, but at first i need someone who could help me out there before im going into more details.

I currently dont know how i would need to setup the bones, but i guess i can manage it, depending on how its needed for all the rotation/animation stuff, so this would also be needed if its to complicated.

I know its always greedy to want so much stuff beeing made without paying a cent, but yet i titled it as unpaid. Im sure if we can find an agreement together, so it dont have to be necessarily unpaid.

If you need more information about what ever, let me know!

Thx so far.