Creating a actor variable not working

i Have this actor variable (lena spot light) that is a actor blueprint and this part works just perfectly, but when i try to de same process with a other actor blueprint it doesnt work like this:


I dont understand what im doing wrong, even if i try to do with a duplicate of the working blueprint it doesnt work either. I dont remember how i did the one thats working and hope you guys can help me

Did u assign any value to the object decoy? It looks like it’s null

the “Decoy” on the red rectangle is the actor blueprint

this is how i created the variable “decoyy”:

1st i created a actor blueprint and named it “decoy”

2nd on the “CH_mutant” blueprint i created the variable like this:


Well u just defined the variable type. U need to assign a value to it inside the gameplay, otherwise it’s not going to work cuz u trying to call something on a reference that’s null.

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yes i knew it was that but i couldnt find the place where I should had assigned, but i found it now, Thanks :slight_smile: