Creating A 3D 'Rotatable' Planet

Hi everyone,

I have no idea to start this, but I will try to explain to the best of my ability what I am trying to do:

Basically, I am looking into how I can have a camera that is constantly looking at a ‘planet’. If possible I want to have this planet active in a way that the player can click and drag on the planet with their cursor to make it rotate 360 degrees. A similar kind of example, (to those of you who have played it) would be the level selection screen in ‘Little Big Planet’ - the player rotates around the planet with the analogue sticks and can select a level to play by highlighting a specific part of the planet.


If you check out the image, that’s a pretty good visualisation of what I am looking for - just that the peoples’ hands are replaced with the players mouse cursor, and they can click and drag to rotate the planet.

My knowledge in UDK isn’t that great I’m afraid - I understand matinee and kismet etc. but I am honestly not sure where to start with this one. I am a real newbie when it comes to Unreal 4 and this is my first proper project. Any help or pointers in the right diretion would be fantastic, thanks!

P.s. apologies if I have explained this poorly - any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me to clarify.

  1. create a new game mode
  2. create a new player controller
  3. in the player controller you have to enable -> “Show Mouse Cursor” and “Enable Click Events”
  4. in the game mode you have to add your player controller + change the pawn to “none”
  5. in the world properties you have to choose your game mode

Now when you start the game, you cant move the camera, but you can see the mouse cursor. :smiley:

After that you can create the blueprint for your planet which you just have to place in front of the camera -> depending on how exactly it should look like, you can do different stuff in the actor bp (rotating the mesh, playing sounds,…). When you want to do something with the mouse position, you can get the position from this node:

Wow, thank you so much for the in-depth reply, that is brilliant! I will let you know how it goes :smiley: