Creating a 3D modelling app using Blueprints?

Hi! I know UE is made for games, not for apps, but would it be possible to create a simple hard surface 3D modelling tool with import/export functions using blueprints only? Thanks for your help!

No, you need interface, you need some system to save or import meshes and textures, all that stuff requires C++.

Thanks for letting me know, I was expecting an answer like that

Even if you could… There’s already too many modeling software out there anyway.

And that reminds me if you want procedural (almost blueprint like) modelling try HOUDINI, it has free trial, so you can play with it. Sadly you need 200$ indie license to export its assets into unreal. But for learning and trying it out free version is enough.

You don’t need the indie to export into unreal - I’m using apprentice and I can export to .obj just fine and unreal accepts obj without fuss.

But houdini has unreal plugin, and proceduraly created assets are the thing about houdini. I think OP wanted to make something like procedural part of houdini in blueprints.

oh, sorry, I forgot to specify in the title that it was a phone app, to be able to model some simple things while I’m not at home. I already use Blender for desktop modelling but I don’t stay at home for too long, so having a phone app would be awesome. I know it can’t absolutely be as productive as a desktop, but it works. There are some out there, but they are either not good enough as functionality, or have a so bad user interface the creator himself wouldn’t be able to create anything with them in a reasonable amount of time. Anyways the answer doesn’t change, it needs C++