Creating a 2D Camera in 3D World

Hi, I’ve been trying to create a 2D Strategy style camera system in a 3D world using Blueprints. The world will probably be a flat land with 3D models on it. The camera should be dragged using a single finger drag on the mobile screen. I won’t add rotation or zoom in functions as of yet. I just want the drag system to work. I’ve searched a lot on the web for a system like this but I can’t find it. I want to try on my own but there is a lot I am not yet comfortable with.

So, what I’m asking is; I need a little guidance on this. I start off with “Input Touch I” in the Blueprint, but how do I approach the rest? How does the engine detect a drag of finger on the screen? I can do the maths using Vector 2D’s by subtracting or transforming the coordinates but I couldn’t find anything on it searching Android systems.

Everything might seem messy, so please do ask further questions if needed. Thanks in advance as well

If the camera is always just pointing directly down, there’s nothing to it, it’s just X,Y coords.

Here’s something about detecting drag:

Thanks for the reply!

I’ve chceked this channel as well, I’ll try to adapt these to my system and see what comes out. It’s just there’s so many stuff out there it’s hard to find what works or not. And it is just a simple camera system.