Creating 2D artwork and animations

Hello Unreal World!

I’m looking to make a simple 2d game as one of my first projects. I don’t have any concepts yet but I’m stuck on how to create the artwork for my game. How do I make Sprites and characters and backgrounds? IF anyone has any experience in this, what kind of software do you use? I cant afford photoshop so I currently use gimp. Are there any other programs out there that make it easy to create 2D characters and animations? my biggest problem is the character creation and setting it up for a sprite sheet. I’m not sure how that really works. If anyone can help me by listing some programs or tutorials on how to do this, It would be MUCH appreciated :slight_smile:

I currently know of GIMP, Blender, and InkScape.

Thanks Mike


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you can create 2D flipbooks of 3D animated characters by Fragmotion easily. I found the best to save an animation in a row (use uniform distances), and to assemble the different character directions and resize with Gimp. (not tested yet with UE4 but should work with it too)

Animating 3D assets is about a billion percent easier than 2D animation so I HIGHLY recommend animating 3D assets and then exporting them as sprite sheets. 2D animation just…it’s no fun. Or maybe it is, but it’s only fun for the type of person who likes to get kicked in the face or punched in the gut.