Creating 1vs1 Multiplayer Game

Hello everyone,

I have a question about something concerning a project that I am starting at the moment:

I want do build a 1v1 (multiplayer) “board” game, that I wanna play with a friend of mine in the beginning and if it’s any good maybe publish it or something…

Anyway, what I wanted to ask:

I want to play it against a friend of mine who lives in Vienna, whereas I am based in Hamburg. Is it possible to install the game on Dropbox and set it up so that two people use a “server” on dropbox to connect to each other? Is this in anyway possible? Or would I need a dedicated server or make it a browser game and have that on some internet space thingy?

Haven’t even started the project yet, just wanted to know if I may have to set something up from the get go to make this work…?

Thanks already,

JayCox of on3studio

EDIT:// I hope I am posting this in the right forum?

You can’t setup a server on dropbox. It’s not a server that you can connect to.
But you don’t even need that. If it’s a simple board game, then you can just use
the Listen Server. Watch the Multiplayer Tutorials from Epic on Youtube.
They tell you what a Listen Server is and how to use it.

There should be a board type game on the market. But i don’t know if it’s global
multiplayer or just turnbased local.

Ok great! Gonna have a look at it later! Thanks for the pointer :slight_smile: