CreateExport: Failed to load Super for Function X

I’ve just started seeing a handful of warnings like this:

LogLinker:Warning: CreateExport: Failed to load Super for Function /Game/MyChildClass.MyChildClass_C:UserConstructionScript; removing super information, but keeping function

They only show up when loading the main map on startup, no sign of the warnings when the default level is an empty one. Loading a map after startup will not display the warnings.

Some of the classes mentioned are actually placed on the map while others are just referenced, to be spawned at runtime. If the placed actors are deleted from the map then no warnings.

All of the classes involved compile without warnings. I deleted and recreated the “call to parent” in one of the construction scripts but all that did was changing the order of the warnings.

I double checked and the class hierarchy is proper, parent classes exist and have the expected events.

Branch: Binary
Build version: 4.4.0-2255576

Affected classes stop showing this warning as soon as nothing else is referencing them.

The series of warnings show up on load if the default map has instances of the related classes or next time such a class is placed or edited.

Manually deleting and re-adding all “Add call to parent functions” didn’t help.

I made a copy of the parent class and manually replaced the type of every variable, interface, function, reparented classes, etc. For a while I stopped getting the warnings but when I was done all of them came back…

I put a PrintString in the construction scripts of three blueprints: Grandparent, parent and child classes. Each of them called their parent’s construction script and got the warning for it. However in spite of “failed to load” and “removing super information” the printouts appeared and in the right order. But that’s PIE, the packaged game’s log shows none of the prints, it’s broken in several different ways.

The problem is still present in 4.5.0-2326478

Am experiencing this same exact issue in 4.9.1.

We’re seeing some of these log too since we moved to 4.9.1