CreateExport failed to load Outer for resource 'AssetImportData'


I’m running on a mac Unreal 18.3, when I tried today to open the project I’m working on a lot of the textures and materials didn’t load and received a message log with a lot of errors “CreateExport failed to load Outer for resource”.

I tried everything I found on the web but nothing worked. I even tried uninstalling completely Unreal and Epic Games, but it didn’t change anything.

Please, let me know what I can do to fix this.


If you got something like this try to migrate your whole project to a new one.

Hey for Anyone Having this problem go to unreal enigne tab in epic games launcher. Then click library on top. Then click the arrow next to the Launch Button under Engine Versions. Then select verify. This will take a while this essentially check for things that are missing and installs them. Hope this helps.