Created scene in UE4 and when I open it on new computer it loads the default scene. How do I get it to load the edited content? (urgent)

Hi, I spent this morning generating and creating a UE4 scene file. I have since saved it and moved these saved files to my home computer. When I open the UE4 file up however it loads the basic default scene that appeared when I first created the file. My imported assets and edited materials are still in the ‘content’ part of the program however my the actual scene will not load. (I can still drag these assets in).

In the epic game port, the thumbnail of the file correctly shows its edited content (the building) yet this is not what is displayed when the program opens. I need to share this file with many other members in the next two days so we can complete it so this may be a major issue if we’re all using different desktops.

Currently I have switched from a Windows computer (what I was using this morning) to a Mac. I am a novice in the program and don’t know much technical language outside of my usual autodesk programs.

Any help would be appreciated greatly. Thank you.

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Go to EDIT->PROJECT SETTINGS->MAPS AND MODES. You will see a section called DEFAULT MAPS… Set the drop down to your map that you created. That should do it.


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