Created retarget breaks metahuman on different animations.

Hello reader,

I have a weird issue regarding a retarget of a motion capture onto a metahuman.
Using Shogun Post (an application by Vicon), I created a retarget onto a metahuman. This works perfectly fine, but after using the retarget onto another take it seems to break the metahuman. The takes I used are recorded on the same day and within a minute of each other.
The following is Take A, where the retarget is based on:

The following is Take B, where the retarget from Take A is used but seems to break the metahuman:

The following is Take B’s original animation (so no retarget):

If anyone has any leads on why this happens and how I can fix this issue I would greatly appreciate your help.

even in same animation, different bone length and different skin and mesh will cause totally different cases.
Firstly, you need to check your two mesh start post, just like, same T Pose or A Pose, different start pose will cause different result, SO you need to make sure that your two different mesh has same start pose, Secondly, there will cause some trouble if your two bone length is different ,so you need to search some solution to solve the name like"fix animation of different bone length of IKRetarget "somehow.