Created new map following uzumis

gonna make a new one…again…
lets get it by step by step pls sir…

i load up adk.
make a new folder in mods (gamename)
go in that folder and select new level (we dont manage that level at all? right?
we save it also under (gamename) and go to the main island folders to copy/paste the right items inthere (sky, water, wind…)
we save again once done.
then we open world settings and enable world composition.
close world settings again and open levels.
inthere we create a new submap and name it landscape
in that subfolder we gon now to landscape/ manage and create (or fill?) new world
we change to Mat_TheIslandWithMasks_Hole_Inst that one, on tags created a new one called landscape, changed LOD to +1 and collision to ground.

Now i cant up or down my landscape?..