Created item variations but items does not place

As a first time user of the Unreal Editor/ARK Dev Kit I used the following tutorial and created a variation of the Large Storage box. I reduced its size, added a PIN code option and increased the number of items it can store. I am able to learn the engram, create it but it will not place. If I have a non modded Large Storage box in my inventory then it does place and works fine. I am assuming there is a link I have missed somewhere that was not detailed in the aforementioned tutorial. How can I fix this, I tried searching but there is nothing that matched this issue. Please can someone help?

Thank you.

Have the same issue :confused: dunno how to fix it (first time Dev Kit) ^^

It needs to be in the Additional Structures array in the PrimalGameData, it needs to “consume” the correct PrimalItemStructure(one you created for your item) and the PrimalItemStructure needs to build the correct object(your custom box).


Thank you, I have now got it working. :slight_smile: