Created an Igloo, but

I created an igloo, but I cannot go inside of it. So is this something that can be crafted as all-in-one like I have it here or does it have to be modular?

I have gone in and tried the Block All option I found in another post and still nothing. How can you change the collision mesh? I see the mesh over my doorway blocking entry when looking at the mesh option from my properties panel, but cannot figure out how to change the mesh.

I am still a newbie so this may not be the best information. You can delete the collision mesh that is in your static mesh and then using the collision menu you can create simple meshes like a box, sphere etc. Then using your standard editing keys like W for moving E for rotating and R for scaling/re-sizing use the ALT move to duplicate you can tweak those simple shapes to get a more useful collision mesh. You can have unreal create a mesh for you but it isn’t always the best shape. Hopefully this is helpful.