Created a character rig using ART, leaf joint control curves are too large

I created this character using the ART rigging setup, and I also added leaf joints and weighted them to create a facial rig. Unfortunately, the control curves for moving the face rig are the same size as the face itself. Is there any way to scale them down without destroying the rig?

Hey there!

There are two ways you can approach this. There is actually a tool in the animation UI to scale CVs of selected controllers. However, this change only saves in that file.

The better way to do it so that it always gets done, even if you rebuild, is to create a simple post-script to scale down the cvs of the controls. If you’re not proficient in scripting, you can just turn on echo all commands, and start grabbing controls, selecting their cvs, and scaling them down. Then just copy everything the script editor output and save it as a mel file. On the publishing step, under advanced, you can plug in that post script.

for example, in Python:“[0:32]”)
cmds.scale(.5, .5, .5, r = True)

the controls scaled down fine, but they also translated away from the face rig. I’m really at a loss with this one.

Yeah, I think that tool doesn’t like it when you select multiple controls, as it will scale them by their common center. If you select them individually, it will work.

The best way is still to script it so you don’t ever lose those changes.
Great model by the way!

I feel awful about harping on this, but when I select one controller, it still translates it, and thanks, the model was fun to make!

well crap! that sounds like a bug then. Let me see if I can fix that real quick and pass you an updated script.

Updated script:

in action:

Notice at the end when I grab the ring to scale that it scales and translates. This is because the control has been offset from the joint to make it easier for animators to select, thus the object pivot is no longer in sync with the new position. I don’t think that is the case with your leaf joints though. I think this should fix it!