Create youtube videos with UE4 Scenes from Marketplace

If i purchase an environment scene from UE4 Marketplace, can i create an animation using that environment scene, render the animation video, and upload to youtube?
I’m adding characters & storyline to the environment scene, but the environment scene remain as it is. I didn’t modify the lighting, material, static meshes etc of the environment scene.

I believe this should be OK, but would like to check with the community. Have to be very careful with copyright and royalty issues.

You can. But you should make it very clear for people that those content aren’t included in your product.
But I think sellers don’t like it when someone else uses their work to showcase their own work. But, you can.
If you did, it’s not obliged, but it would be nice if you credit the other seller for their work and provide a link back to their product.

Yeah you can do anything you like there is basically no requirements or restrictions for your purpose only that you don’t re-distribute the MP assets you use. You might also need to read carefully Epics EULA since if you make a whole mess of cash off the videos you will need to pay Epic their royalty (afaik)

I have seen a bunch of kickstarter campaigns for UE4 games that just use MP environments for showpieces and it’s fine!

If i make a whole mess of cash of the videos, then i need to pay Epic their royalty…! ? But i am not using it for a game that people can buy. I am just rendering and uploading to youtube, hoping it will get many views. Does Epic have the right to collect royalty from this kind of situation?

I think you should be fine, license-wise. :slight_smile:
YouTube tutorials etc, are exempt iirc…

There is no royalty for marketplace assets - after you purchase it, you own it. Feel free to include the Marketplace content that you purchase in any of your projects, modified or not. The only restriction is that you can’t sell or sublicense Marketplace content to other developers for use in their products, and if you plan to sell your own assets on the marketplace, you won’t be able to include another seller’s asset that you bought as part of an asset that you are submitting for sale on the Marketplace.

Hope this helps.

Marketplace Team