Create widget to only one player

Hi all!
i have another trouble:
There 2 player characters, 1 - Server, and 2 - Client. If one of them launch “Create widget” - widget creating in both sides.
There all properties are not replicated (also properties and variables of any side bp are also not replicated)

How to create widget for only one side, locally? - for if Server player launch create widget - only he will see it, if Client - only Client =\

I notice that “create widget” has “owning player” setup, where i can stick “get player controller”., so if there will be player index 0, widget creates both sides - Server and client., if player index 1 - creates only client side, no matter client or server launch it., if 2 - both sides.

Also “get owning player” not help., Also any tries to exclude widget appearance with smth like “if player not controlled – don’t launch” didn’t give any results.

I think i can to add some tag to player when game start, then aka - “if actor has tag player1 - then create widget at contoller 1”, but

isn’t it realy some hardcore just to simple create local widget =\