create widget returns none

on each character in a multiplayer game, there is a widget.
When an event triggers, i want to create and add child widgets to this widget (created inside the widget) on the local character.
The event triggers, but unless its on the listen server, the Create Widget node returns None

(inside the main widget)

I also put a breakpoint in the c++ method for creating a widget, and this breakpoint never triggers

  • I already tried RPC events, all of the types
  • I also tried to feed the “Owning Player” pin in the create widget node

I had this problem before.
From which class have you created your main widget? Make sure to create your widgets from a class that exists on the client and not just on the server.

Generally to avoid this issue I spawn all my widgets from the player HUD class, which only exists for each client and it does not exist on the listen server.

As a reference, the main classes of the engine exist on server/client based on what they are:

  • GameMode: exists only on the server
  • GameState, PlayerState, Pawns: exist on both server and clients
  • PlayerController: exist on the server and on the owning client only
  • HUD: exists only on the owning client

Thanks for your reply.
The main widget is in a widget component as part of the blueprint.
actually,the main widget contains more widgets inside that are shown fine…just when trying to create this one it fails.