Create widget not showing widget varibals

I’m trying to create an inventory system but all the tutorials show getting the item in the inventory widget by creating a create a widget of the item but the variables won’t show up in the create widget like they do in the tutorial

this is what the tutorial shows


but mine is like this

I’ve done every thing right but it doesn’t work is this a change in an update frome 4.23?

Could be a number of things. I would assume that ItemData is a parameter since it is on the left side of the Node which would indicate you need to make a constructor for it. If that doesn’t work I’d consider making a set method that you can call to plug in the ItemData at your leisure.

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but mine is like this

You need to have an ItemData struct variable inside your widget, flag it as Instance Editable, Expose on Spawn, compile and refresh the node by right clicking it → Refresh.