create widget after selecting level :) ?

Hey People…can anybody come up to a sultion for this.

I have this Game meny that cast into a level select ui …after then I those my level. I want to have my gameplay Ui apear to the level on the button :). 3d piture is the level select button . Can I put it in there some how ? :slight_smile: . The last picture is the buttons I want to have in game :)…now it apear in the game meny :confused:

I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to do. Are you trying to put your hud back on the screen after choosing a level?

Yes correct …Here are a exempel Picture where you have the meny just in the gameplay…where you can select Buildings and stuff to Place :). When you in the MainMeny you use Another
widget :)…how do I make the game understand that it should load the level with the Gameplay Ui :)…I look on some stream for Blueprint Communications :). It might be in the right direction ? :).

I would just suggest creating your widget in your player controller that is loaded in when you are in game. On event begin play, create widget and select your widget if you want you can set a reference to your widget here. Then add it to your view port.

New Level, new gamemode, new hud in defaults,

Create widget and then add to viewport. It seems you did not connect the return value of create widget, you need to connect it to add to viewport node.