Create UTexture from Material or UI

good afternoon everyone!

I have a question, is there any implementation that allows to get from material or widget UTexture or bytes? And this material or UI doesn’t on the viewport

I need this in order to create a real-time image from textures in a material or UI, and then send Base64 to the server via HTTP.

Using render target or screenshots is not suitable for this case


I have some issues understanding what you are trying to accomplish. Could you clarify further so that I can help you?

Hello EliasWick!

Yea, sure.

I have two textures. I need to combine them and create an image that I can send to the database. But this image should not be visible anywhere, they should be somewhere in memory.

So far, the only option that I have come up with is to combine them in the material, display them on the plane and take a screenshot from the camera that looks at this plane. But it does not suit me because I have to create a render somewhere

Try this:

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How do you want to combine them? How will the final image be, is it going to be the two images side by side in a U(V*2), something like 1024x2048 pixels?

I want to combine them like an overlay, for this I use Lerp in the material. I think somewhere in FHD

Thanks for the idea, I’ll try it and let you know!

Thanks for the help, I solved my problem.

If someone needs it, then I do it like this