Create Upwards Wind Source System

Hi everyone ! Hope you’re good !

I’m currently remaking an old video game called “Kya Dark Lineage” for learning Blueprint. The main features in the game are wind sources.

I’m trying to make an Upwards Wind Source but I feel a little confused. (I’m very new in Blueprints).

**First, here is my result compare to the reference of the real video game : **

  1. **My result : **- YouTube
  2. Reference (at 6m : 05sc) : Kya Dark Lineage Walkthrough Part 2 - The Flying Forest - YouTube
  • (We don’t see the character staying in place, but if she would, she keep balancing up and down as see “enter” on the “wind zone”)

As you can see, my character is not getting lifted up more than once.

I think I’m doing wrong with blueprints :

A made a Blueprint Actor with a Box Collision in it ! In it’s event editor I add “on component begin overlap” and cast to my character to launch a function I made on my character. Then I added “on component finish overlap”, cast to character / to call a second function meant to disabled the first one.

THEN here are the 2 functions that I made on my character (in the same order that they were listed) :

I guess I made it wrong. I think I don’t have to work with the JUMP and STOP JUMPING function but I’m lost.

If someone have a solution that would be very nice !

Thank for your time, and sorry for my approximate english, I’m French haha.


Hey there, you should try to either add a force or an impulse when entering the zone, since the jump function only works when the character is in a walking state it won’t accel him up again when he is falling.

Hi ! Thanks for your reply ! I’m trying to but I have to admit totally lost… Do you have some exemple ? Thanks