create static mesh in c++ from fbx?

Hi all, sorry for the multiple messages on this topic…

I am looking into the fbx sdk, having problems and am wondering if there is an easier way…

Can I create a static mesh in c++, give it a file path to a .fbx file and load the mesh that way?

Basically, what I am asking is… What is the easiest way to load an fbx file into the editor from pure c++?

I don’t need to do this at runtime, only in editor. The reason is I need to retrieve custom attributes from the fbx file on loading.

I am trying, using the fbxsdk files that ship with ue:

#include <fbxsdk/fileio/fbx/fbxio.h>
 #include <fbxsdk/fileio/fbximporter.h>
 #include <fbxsdk/fileio/fbxiobase.h>
 #include <fbxsdk/fileio/fbxiosettings.h>
 #include <fbxsdk/core/fbxmanager.h>
 #include <fbxsdk/scene/fbxscene.h>
 bool AcreateMesh::testMesh(FString filename, FString type)
         //create a SdkManager    
         FbxManager *lSdkManager = FbxManager::Create();
      // create an IOSettings object
          FbxIOSettings * ios = FbxIOSettings::Create(lSdkManager, IOSROOT);
          // set some IOSettings options 
          ios->SetBoolProp(IMP_FBX_MATERIAL, true);
          ios->SetBoolProp(IMP_FBX_TEXTURE, true);
          // create an empty scene
          FbxScene* lScene = FbxScene::Create(lSdkManager, "");
          // Create an importer.
          FbxImporter* lImporter = FbxImporter::Create(lSdkManager, "");
          // Initialize the importer by providing a filename and the IOSettings to use
          lImporter->Initialize("C:\\myfile.fbx", -1, ios);
          // Import the scene.
          // Destroy the importer.
          return true;

But all the FBX functions show as undefined. What am i missing?