create standalone simple application

i’m new to Unreal, i’m not a programmer, I have some basic experience with Unity and a lot of experience in 3d cg.
My target is to build simple software application like: environments of architecure or interiors in which the user can navigable and also to create simple
interfaces where i can select a model of an object i can visualize it and i can change the material of the object choosing it from
an interface.

I think this thing should be easy to do with unreal and with bluprint (i have some experience with unity’s playmaker which is similar to blueprint) but I still don’t understand how you publish your project in an *.exe file for windows or similar.
When i try using the function package I get huge files also for simple things, they work but you need unreal installed otherwise they don’t start

I’m sure there must be a process to export this thing easily, in unity is very simple and very effective, here seems very complicate…
I’m amazed by the quality and feeling with Unreal but i’m very afraid to get lot of problem to export simple application like mine whic are intende to be used on thouch screen and similar…

many thanks for any help.

any help?

Sounds like you want the Packaging docs:

That should get you started on packaging up your program for distribution.

If you have problems after going through those, reply again and I’m sure someone will be able to help.

Also PS: If you can edit your thread title, I’d suggest changing it to “How to Package game for distribution?” or something like that. Functionally, all of that stuff is going to be the same for your viz program and any other UE4 game.