Create Skeletal Mesh at Runtime

Hi there! I was wondering whether it is possible to create a skeletal mesh at runtime.

A use case for this was on clicking play, a Skeletal Mesh would be created based on importing an FBX, and animations would be loaded. Would this be possible to create? If there isn’t, and if I managed to create my own runtime importer, is creating a skeletal mesh even possible outside of the editor, due to EULA violations?

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible on it’s own. The skeletal mesh would have to be rigged, and the skeleton would have to be compatible with the game’s animations.

If the skeletal mesh WAS compatible, you could do something like this, and re-target the animations, but you couldn’t do this with any old FBX you (or your players) wanted. I think Bioware used to have a system where you could replace any item in the game by putting a (compatible) item that had the same name in a particular folder. The game would look in this folder before looking for the original item, and use that one instead. Granted this was more usually for static meshes, but characters worked too.

Oh yes, assume as true that I would have the mesh, and the properly rigged skeleton from another software all ready. It was more of a matter of creating a skeletal mesh in runtime, as well as adding a made animation to that skeleton. Do you think that could be done?

Yes, you have to assign the skeleton/physics assets, etc to the skeletal mesh, when you bring it in to game, though.

I see, thanks!

Were you able to create a Skeletal Mesh in Runtime? I am facing the same problem.

The company I work on decided to abandon the idea of doing what we wanted in Unreal Engine, and switched to doing it on another software, so I’m afraid we went another route :confused: