Create site HTML5

Hello! Can I develop a website on UE4? I really like working on UE4. Recently faced with the compilation of HTML5 and now I want to know whether it is possible to create sites on the engine

Technically it’s possible. There is two options:

  1. You can package a UE4 project for HTML5 and insert it into your website.
  2. You can use the Unreal Web Server plugin to implement the whole website server with UE4

But in fact it’s a really wrong and complicated way to make a website. Sure you can do it as a curious experience, but if your goal is to make a website it’s better to use different tools (those are specifically made for web in first place).

Is it possible to get rid of a foreign interface here? And another question is, why do not widgets work after compilation?

P.S.Yeah, it’s just curiosity :slight_smile: