Create settings blueprint for within editor

Hello everyone,

I’m look to create a ‘settings’ blueprint for use within the UE editor. Let me explain what I mean by this.
Basically I want a blueprint, filled with variables. I’d have booleans which could control if I want to show the project version or not in the menu, or show the ping in the server list or not.

I want 1 file where I could switch things on and off so that future project will be easy to configure. Currently I do this stuff by editing the variables in each and every other blueprint. This is becoming a bit much.

Ideally, all variables would be editable from the details panel also.

Love to hear you guys about this, and how to achieve something (in my eyes simple) like this.

p.s. I know this could be achieved with something like the ‘Actor’ blueprint, just add variables there. But I’d like to have a file without all the extra stuff. Actors have a mesh, Events, Components etc.