Create second player

Hi. I am new to unreal engine. Can you tell me please how to create a second player and give inputs to it in C++? I am struggling got 2 days already. I managed to create a second player but it doesn’t move and in World Outliner it says its a “PlayerBP_1” (my main character is PlayerBP), but I can’t move it and I have no ideea how to do it.
Please help

Are you trying to move your second character using Gamepad?

Yes I try to move it by gamepad


Go to Project Settings and enable Skip assigning Gamepad to Player 1. You will then be able to control 1 player with keyboard and 2nd player with gamepad.


It worked. Thank you very much. God bless you. Would you mind if I add you on facebook or have your email to ask you some questions when I need about ue4? I wanna be a developer after I finish college and I wanna learn so much but it’s hard from internet cuz there are 80% of things only in blueprints. Please!!


I have another problem. It duplicates my Player1BP.