create render secuence

i am new to the forum and write a new topic because I find the answer

think it’s a newbie question, but I can not find the answer in any place.

I have the sequence matinee. how render the video?

in matinee give to create film
but it opens a window that is not the animation sequence

thank you very much in advance

did you check your “Saved Folder” inside your project directory, it should saved video in that folder.
Here is the link that should help

in your scene, click your matinee icon…on the right panel, the settings, there’s a ‘‘load on startup’’ or something like that option, check it and launch the game. It will automatically start your matinee sequence when you launch the game!!!

open level blueprint add reference to matinee then make it play when level loaded

thanks heartlessphil ,
when check “load on startup” everything works ok