Create Random Board from Shaped Tiles

Sorry for the wait, got really busy when the new year started! However, I have figured out the board generation and everything is working now. Gif below.…zvUR/giphy.gif

Here are the blueprints for this also, just in case anyone was curious.
OnPlay Event:

SpawnTile Function:

  1. The hub tile, the Octagon, is placed at world 0,0,0.
  2. Random tiles are selected from an array of actor blueprints
  3. All of the tiles edge arrow components are found, placed on the center of the octagon, then offset by their corresponding radius values,
    adding the octagons radius and moved according the edges direction vector.
  4. The function above is called again many times to continue populating the board with tiles
  5. Any tiles that overlap with others are removed.

Thanks for all the help with this @Est_engine !