"Create Project"/"Add To Project" Vault Asset from the Command-Line?

How would you automate the “Create Project” / “Add To Project” action for assets in my Vault, so I can bulk-create projects from the command-line?

The script/batch-file would need to “wait” for the project creation and building to be finished, so that the unreal editor (I’m assuming you need to use the unreal editor to do this) would need to close after it’s done, and the script/batch-file would be able to protocol if it was successful, and move on to the next asset. Also, I want to do this for many assets, and this require the editor to close when done, to prevent multiple editors running at the same time.

The idea is I would rent a (Windows) server on the “cloud”, install unreal and “log in”, and start my batch-file which would create a whole bunch of projects, from a list of assets in my vault. That way, I would not have to “upload” the projects from my home computer (or spend the time to create them manually either, as my PC, and my upload speed, is rather slow).